Costa Rica


It’s been too long since we’ve been on a proper warm weather vacation…this snow storm after snow storm thing is getting old. We are off to Costa Rica to my friend’s place called Florblanca. It’s my favorite place on earth really….I have not been to a place that had it all..(for us at least)….so I’m super excited to go back to this paradise. I plan to ride a horse on the beach on my b-day and surf with my husband on Valentine’s day…follow my Instagram feed if you want to see.
I hope you too get to escape the cold this winter break and if not I will send many many warm vibes your way.


one. Soho Bikini | MARYSIA SWIM | two. Neem Rose SPF | PRATIMA | three. Cotton Lounge Pants | MARYSIA SWIM | four. Mirrored Sunnies | ILLESTEVA | five. Arizona Sandal | BIRKENSTOCK | six. Santorini Raffia Tote | MICHAEL KORS | seven. ‘Vintage’ Resortwear Dress | MARYSIA SWIM

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heavenly!! have a blast at florblana! xo jpc

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