Tola’s 1st Birthday!


 My sweet baby is 1 today!!!! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I know everyone says it but WHERE DID THE TIME GO?????  With a second child I sure did enjoy this time better as I was less of a freak…freaking out about every little thing as a first time parent is natural but you miss being able to actually enjoy all the little moments…so this time I really tried to take it slow and enjoy my little babe.

There are so many things about having a little baby that are so lovely and I’ll never get back but having more sleep nowadays sure is nice!
I’m so proud of this little gal, she was born in New York City  on a snowy night and rode a yellow taxi home!  I feel guilty about living my dream sometime and not having the green grass or the big bath for my children but they don’t seem to care…at least for now my girls love living in NYC in our 3rd floor walk up!
 Here is the inspiration of my decorations for the b-day party we’re having this weekend…hope to get a great shot so we can all look at it later and reminisce.
Happy Birthday Tolusia Heyward Reeves!!!  We love you!   You are truly out little sunshine!
Do you have any other cool ideas for a b-day party decor?  Please share!


one. Mylar Alphabet Balloons | BARGAIN BALLOONS | two. Mini Doughnuts | BABYCAKES NYC | three. Cotton-Silk Dress | CHLOE | four. DIY Birthday Candles | MARTHA STEWART | five. Leather Party Hat | OTAAT | six. Rocking Sheep | POVL KJER | seven. Rootbeer Floar Shooter | SOMWHERE SPLENDID (not that we’ll be having that…just for the look)

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[…] was just around the corner from my place in NYC and it’s where I bought Tola her amazing 1st birthday present. The wonderful owner Christiane Celle is also the founder of another old neighbourhood store […]
Thank you Janie! WIsh you could come celebrate with us! xoxo-m
I know sweet tola's bday will be AMAZING as is everything you do, lady! big kisses from me to your big girl! xoxo jpc

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